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February 18, 2019: Website updated and revised.

Fantasy Antique Landscape


By the waters of Babylon, we wept for thee, Sybaris or some darn place. It was all so long ago. The Latin tag is from one of Virgil’s Eclogues and also the title of a fairly famous painting by Poussin. My Latin still stinks and I’m not much of an artist either. […]

Wildman Dean In Glory Days

Watch out for the wild eyed ones.


I found this photo of hardcore punk Eugene Dean. It’s from 1983 and was taken at the old WUST Music Hall, now the new 9:30 Club. Dag Nasty and Minor Threat were playing a double bill. Gosh, what a holy terror Gene was in those days. […]

Good, Succinct Bio of England’s Most Fascinating, Magickal Asshole

The best con man is the one who believes his own con.

Alesteir Crowley: Magick, Rock And Roll, And The Wickedest Man In The World, Gary Lachman, 346 pp., Jeremy P. Tarcher/ Penguin Books. Like many young boomers, I must most reluctantly confess that the occult fascinated me. Of course, poking around with mumbo-jumbo […]

Website Update

It’s been a long while since the old spread had an update. That’s now been done thanks to the good offices of Webmistress Fiona Jayde ( Along with a newer, more current photo of myself (older, but no wiser), the bibliography has been updated to circa January 2019. I’ll toot my horn here and note […]

No Beer For The Damned!



So hurry and drink up while you can, folks.

“High On Mexican Lucky” Published In Story And Grit


High On Mexican Lucky is the ninth short story featuring Alec Pargrew, cowhand PI. Stories about Alec have previously appeared in crime magazines like Yellow Mama, Thuglit, Suspense Magazine, and Noir Nation. High is the current lead story in Southern Grit, an online magazine that focuses on “Southern Fried Crime.” I got the […]

“Woe, Babylon Besieged” Back Online

Woe, Babylon Besieged, my H. P. Lovecraft pastiche, appeared in January 2018 in Trigger Warnings, an extreme horror magazine published in Denmark that went offline almost immediately afterward. Lo and behold, the story is now online again, resurrected through the miracle of the Internet, albeit in archival form:

This is free, but, reader beware, […]

From Words To Blows!

In Antiquity as it is now, an old story.

Felix Dies Natalis Solis Invicti MMDCCLI

The Mustanger, Concho River Review

In February of this eventful year, I read my Western short story, The Mustanger, at the 2018 Elmer Kelton Literary Conference at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. False modesty aside, the reading went well and the Concho River Review, a literary magazine founded and run by ASU faculty, subsequently accepted the story for […]