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“A Gallant Southern Cavalier” Published By Historical Feathers

“Stop dragging my good name through the mud, you damn Yankee trash!”































My fictitious account of the decidedly ignominious death of Earl […]

“Woe, Babylon Besieged” Published By Extreme Horror Mag Trigger Warnings

Artist: John Martin



















My H. P. Lovecraft pastiche, Woe, Babylon Besieged, is now online at Trigger Warnings, an extreme horror magazine published in Denmark that bills itself as “the lit mag that doesn’t give a shit […]

Mother’s Revenge Anthology Makes Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot

This comes under the heading of climate fiction.

I previously mentioned the publication by Scary Dairy Press of Mother’s Revenge, an anthology of post-apocalyptic fiction that featured my story, Annals Of The Allred Clan, among others. Scary Dairy’s publisher, Cin Ferguson, has just informed me that Mother’s Revenge is on the preliminary ballot for […]


Alternative Title: “Column Envy”

“A Gallant Southern Cavalier” Appears 25 JAN in Historical Feathers

The old horny jackass rides again.

Followers of the blog may recall that I wrote a still unpublished novel, The Confessions Of Septimus P. Nasby, about the Civil War experiences of a sociopath career criminal. An excerpt from that novel, A Gallant Southern Cavalier, will appear as a short story in the January 2018 […]

“The Mustanger” To Be Read at February ASU Elmer Kelton Conference

I had the pleasure of personally meeting Elmer Kelton at the ’08 WWA Conference.


After a long absence from this blog due to technical difficulties, I’m up and posting again with some very good news to announce. I’ve been invited to read my short story, The Mustanger, at the 22nd Annual Angelo State […]

Infernal Ink Accepts “Isle Of The White Worm Spice”

Talk about asking for it. Ferdie might as well have hung a sign around his neck that read “Please kill me.”

Prior readers may recall that I’m a fan of grueling sea voyage tales (not GSVs themselves, mind you, I’m a hopeless landlubber). Probably the worst journey ever was Ferdinand Magellan’s trip around the […]

The Bloody Rites Of A Winter Solstice

A Variation On An Archaic, Mithraic Theme

What can I say? Even stonehearted old curmudgeons like myself soften, shed a tear, and get all icky sentimental when the birthday of my favorite celestial orb approaches. After all, it’s not every day you get to brain a bull with a hammer and cut his throat […]

An Aristocratic Jerk – “The Homicidal Earl” by Saul David

A last chance to redeem a misspent life, which, of course, he blew.

I must confess, spoiled, wastrel, British aristocrats have long held interest for me, possibly from reading Flashman novels during my youth. A good example is George IV, Prinny to friends, a grotesquely obese, self indulgent sloth driven largely by gluttony, lust, […]

And A Universe Reordered By An Act Of Mind Alone

Speaking as a hopelessly clumsy fellow, that’s a nice catch.


Stanislaw Szukalski, the insane Polish artist, has been a long standing interest of mine since I first read about him and saw his work in Robert Crumb’s Weirdo Magazine back in the mid-80’s. His racial theories of history and human development were, of […]