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Incorrect Kithera

Another example of artistic inability. Like the straight line, symmetry is my deadly enemy.

Athena Head Krater

Movie Review: “The First King”


This is a worthy addition to the roster of sword and sandal or peplum movies, made in Italy like its ’60’s predecessors, only down and dirty with a big emphasis on naturalism and de-emphasizing the supernatural, mythical element. Director Matteo Rovere retells the ancient myth of Rome’s founding by the divine twins Romulus […]

Madeline Miller’s Mythological Mediocrity

I appear to differ from most people’s opinion on this novel. Sadly, I thought it was fairly mediocre and was rather disappointed by it. This is unfortunate because I’m a great fan of Greek myths and antiquity in general, my enthusiasm dating back to childhood when I read Mary Renault.

Ms. Miller is characterized as […]

Thriller Magazine Now Out In Hard Copy

Hardboiled prodigy Ammar Habib’s pulp fiction publication, Thriller Magazine, is now available in hardcopy as well as on Kindle. In addition to my own short 20’s noir piece, Cackle Bladder, issue 2, volume 2, features a wide range of tales, everything from psychological thrillers, to brutal accounts of murder, to political dramas, and much […]

Ex Domo Julio-Claudiae Felix Dies Natalis Solis Invicti!

I sure hope that everyone already has their sacrificial bull picked out and that you’re already feeding him thrice strained milk and sacred herbs in the backyard. It’s best to prepare for the holidays well in advance. Have a nice blood sacrifice without too much acting up by the bull on the 25th. It’s a […]

Le Roi OK

L’Etat, C’est Quelqu’un D’Autre Gars!









“Cackle Bladder” Now Out In Thriller Issue 2































Set in South Florida during the 1920’s land boom, Cackle Bladder is about the only time I’ve managed to write a story with a […]

The Laziest Man In Rock’N’Roll

Fall, 1977. I’m in my last year at the University of Virginia. I go to Back Alley Disc, the hot (hah, the only) record store in Charlottesville where I buy the Dead Boys and the Talking Heads’ first albums. While one guy is ringing me up behind the counter, another walks up holding a promo […]

Tudor Rose

Not a Tiger Rose. Nor a Prairie Rose. And I’m not talking about a Yankee Rose. Just your typical ye olde Tudor Rose.