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“A Gallant Southern Cavalier” Published By Historical Feathers

Gallant Cavalier, All-Round Horn Dog

                      “Stop dragging my good name through the mud, you damn Yankee trash!” 































My fictitious account of the decidedly ignominious death of Earl Van Dorn can now be found in Issue No. 3 of Historical Feathers, a British journal of historical fiction. It is, in fact, the lead story. I must say that I was very impressed by the general high caliber of the writing in this issue, my own work being set aside from consideration. Even the poetry struck me as good, which is something I rarely say.

Lamentably, however, this is the last issue of Historical Feathers for the foreseeable future, a brief life often being a sad feature of small press ventures. The journal’s staff plan to restart the magazine again in the near future and I can only hope they do since there are vanishingly few outlets for short historical fiction nowadays. The very best of all wishes and sincere thanks to Executive Editor Amy Ford, Editorial Assistant Peter Turner, and Steampunk Specialist Sarah Oakley.

Cavalier is an excerpt from my Civil War novel, The Confessions Of Septimus P. Nasby. (Apologies to all of you who’ve been through this before.) Another excerpt, The Badger Game, has already been published in a crime anthology, Hardboiled: Crime Scene. Who knows, I may never get the whole novel accepted by a publisher, but instead publish it piecemeal.

Cavalier and the other stories in Issue No. 3 are available to read for free on (link provided below).  If you want a print copy to keep or if  you’d like to read it on Kindle, that’s also available (links to those provided as well). If you find the prospect of a pompous, vainglorious Confederate general being literally caught with his pants down to be intriguing, then the story should amuse you.

Hard copy:


Hardboiled:  Crime Scene:





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