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Just Another Dull Day In Downtown Ancient Sparta

The big hair indicates how old he is and keeps his massive brain warm. Ditto the spiked beard.

The big hair indicates how ancient he is and keeps his massive brain warm. Ditto the spiny beard.



























Lycurgus is the (probably mythical) founder of the ancient Spartan ways from a dual monarchy governed in turn by a board of ephors to a male populace entirely devoted to war supported by a slave empire, and, oddly enough, the most emancipated women in ancient Greece. One indication of his fictitious nature is his name, which means “Wolf Charmer” in Greek and was one of the god Apollo’s titles, thus implicitly giving him a supernatural origin like so many Greek heroes. Like I said, he probably didn’t exist so I can basically draw anything I like. The Spock ear has been pointed out to me along with the big ski slope schnoz (I think it looks patrician and dignified). Note that the capital turned out fairly pretty, if I do say so myself. To sum up, I doubt the Spartan agora was this fancy on its best day, which is completely in keeping with the fantasy of Lycurgus as a bush headed spike beard.












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