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Namesake Portrait


The original that’s been defaced this time is a copy of a mosaic discovered at a villa in Pompeii. The subject is the Battle of the Issus, one of several where Alexander destroyed Persian forces in detail. The Scourge of the Persians advances from the left, lance raised to strike the enemy down, while the Shahinshah, Darius, cowers in his chariot. Among other traits, Alexander had the distinctly autistic feature of being unable to look people straight in the eye. This is why he’s traditionally (although not always) depicted gazing to one side.        Alexander the Great copy


I’ve drawn him looking straight ahead because I’m still a really cruddy artist and can’t do a three-quarter profile.

Alexander is my middle name, for those of you who are curious. It means “defender of men,” which is pretty ironic, considering the body count he racked up.

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