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Wuxia Landscape





















I thought it would be a nice change of pace to break away from the Greco-Roman mold and be a little more culturally diverse. For those of you who find this rather static and boring, don’t worry, it won’t last. This being wuxia, at any second, kung fu asskicking and deadly swordplay will erupt.

One of my earliest film memories is the time my family was stationed in Hawaii and my mother took me to see a Japanese feature length cartoon. I was about six years old. The film was about a boy from a fishing village whose parents were murdered along with the rest of the village by a witch who rose from the sea. The boy goes inland, apprentices himself to a magician who teaches him magic by making him carry water up a mountain, and then takes his revenge on the witch.  The movie filled me with fear and awe and left a lifelong impression. I find the same sense of mystery and entertainment in a lot of wuxia and kung fu movies, which explains why I’m such a fan.



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