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Sea Jackals Of Dubai Accepted By Into The Ruins Magazine


Sea Jackals Of Dubai is a post-apocalyptic short story about brave men who sail from a now tropical Antarctica in a frail boat powered by a crude methane engine on an incredibly long voyage to plunder the ruins of a desolate Persian Gulf. Into The Ruins is a deindustrial SF quarterly focused on publishing SF that explores a future defined by natural limits, energy and resource depletion, industrial decline, climate change, and other consequences stemming from the reckless and shortsighted exploitation of our planet, and to imagine the ways that humans will adapt, survive, live, die, and thrive within this future.

The two seemed to be a good fit and it turns out that editor/founder Joel Caris agrees with me. I’m always pleased to get anything published, but this is a particularly satisfying credit, due to my longstanding interest in bleak, dystopian fiction with a special shout out to Anthony Burgess’s 1985.

Expect to see the story in the next issue of Into The Ruins. I’ll do another plug when the issue’s out. In the meantime, check out the magazine’s website:

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