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Album Review: “Sympathy For The Beast” – Twink & The Technicolor Dream





















This is a good psychedelic rock album with an appropriately bizarre, excellent cover by artist Kim Deitch. Twink is a semi-famous rock drummer who has provided percussion for underground ’70’s bands like the Deviants (in collaboration with the late rock journalist Mick Farren) and the Pink Fairies. Like Gary Lachman, the musician from Blondie, Twink shares a fascination with the Great Beast, that consummate charlatan and fraud, Aleister Crowley. Regular readers may recall my previous review of Lachman’s Crowley bio.

Crowley wrote prolifically and a lot of it was poetry on magickal and erotic themes. Twink has used the poetry as lyrics for an hour long album of flipped out acid rock raveups and lengthy, meandering, metaphysical noodling. The first cut is a particularly standout rocker with a killer riff and some powerful drumming by Twink. This album did remind me a lot of Hawkwind with chugging riffs counterpointed by off the wall, out of left field screaming guitar solos. Although I’m no admirer of Crowley as an artist, his poetry in this context complements the music well, often being chanted to give the air of a spell being cast. Music and poetry combine to create a flippy, heavily lysergic vibe.

Since I’ve noted the album’s similarity to Hawkwind, I might as well raise the critique often leveled at that band, the songs all seem to go on forever and just blend into one really long album. My response to that, however, would be to recommend that you adjust your mood (however you might want to go about doing that) until you turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.

I recommend this album to Crowley fans, music lovers in search of something offbeat, and most of all to lovers of wild, rocking psychedelic music. Play this late at night when you want to feel really weird and spooky.

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