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“An Etruscan Tomb” Out In Tigershark Magazine

tigersharkTigershark Magazine is an online speculative fiction magazine released in PDF format on a quarterly basis by Tigershark Publishing, the e-publishing venture of D. S. Davidson, author, poet, and previously editor of the first eighteen issues of Garbaj magazine. Established in 2013, Tigershark has already had a long, sturdy run for a small press venture.  A previous, steampunk story of mine, Grand Larceny Aboard GDI Raffaello, was published in issue no. 4 in 2014.

I must have hit the right chord again because my Gothic horror story, An Etruscan Tomb, is in the freshly released no. 24, the Night Terrors issue. One of several misadventures that befell McCrae Spencer, a young Scots gentleman, during his Grand Tour of the Continent shortly after the Napoleonic Wars, an invitation to view an Etruscan tomb by moonlight leads to a deadly struggle and a reckoning with ancient gods. In addition to my own grand guignol yarn, there are several other stories, poetry, and a nonfiction piece, all addressing the issue’s theme of the night and the fear that just naturally goes along. Suitably morbid illustrations complement the pieces with an outstandingly creepy picture of an ancient tomb for mine.

Just in time for Halloween and all for free with just one click:





Etruscan Tomb


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