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“The Yacht As Big As Manhattan” on Tall Tale TV Monday August 24


















Chris Herron, the entrepreneurial proprietor of Tall Tale TV, an SF and Fantasy podcast site, has been good enough to inform me he’ll read The Yacht As Big As Manhattan this upcoming Monday, August 24. Yacht is a satirical SF story about a boy from a snotty prep school in the near future who gets way more than he bargained for when he goes on spring break with the son of the richest man in the world. The story was very loosely inspired by my favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, The Diamond As Big As The Ritz, one of his few speculative fictions along with The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. I’m very much looking forward to Chris’s reading. I’m sure he’ll do the yarn justice and I’ll let everyone know when the reading’s available online.

Thanks again to Chris for the acceptance!



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