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“Aphrodite’s Cleft” Now Out In Cauldron Anthology

AphroditeCauldron Anthology is “a magazine of the wild feminine.” Issue no. 12’s theme is Whore and explores the word through the mythology of The Whore of Babylon, Salome and Aphrodite. The issue features art, poetry, and prose, to include my short story Aphrodite’s Cleft, the second published story featuring McCrae Spenser, a doughty, young Scots gentleman, and his strange adventures while on his Grand Tour. For this go round, I arranged something pleasant for him, a meeting with Aphrodite the Seaborne herself.  This story differs from other stuff I write in that there’s no violence with an erotic focus instead.   This story also marks the first time I’ve been published as the sole male author among female contributors. I take this as a very great compliment and want to say thanks to Editor-in-Chief Abigail Pearson for accepting the story.

Geeky, gross erudition fact: The root of Aphrodite is aphros, Greek for sea foam, the sticky junk that floats atop waves, and also semen, a neat play on words since Aphrodite supposedly arose from the water after Cronus threw his father Uranus’s severed genitals into the sea. Greek mythology can be quite entertainingly foul.

The issue is free to read so please click the link and take a look if interested:


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