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“Melkart And The Mithras Miracle” Out In Savage Realms 6

SR Cover

Dig it, true believers! The latest tale of the Towering Tyrian, Melkart And The Mithras Miracle, is out in Book 6 of Savage Realms Monthly. This is especially apt since it’s in time for the Immortal Sun’s birthday (25 DEC).

Savage Realms is a fresh new magazine publishing old school hack n’ slash stories that harken back to the masters of the sword and sorcery genre. If you long to return to the days of Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber, look no further. This is the magazine you’ve waited for. In this story, Melkart intervenes to protect nomadic herders from a giant bull’s ravages, inflicted upon the tribespeople by an evil god.

Reader reviews have been favorable:

“Melkart displays humility and bravery in fighting a creature from Hades.”

“Lehman and Mellon both told memorable, sword wielding tales with characters I wouldn’t mind reappearances from. Good stuff.”

“Melkart and the Mithras Miracle” by Mark Mellon 5/5

Just the sort of encouragement I can use. Ask yourself, true believer, can anything stop Melkart the Mighty? I sure hope not for my own sake.



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