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We Wish You A Bareass Mithras!

Birth of Mithras214

This is based on a devotional object found in a Mithraeum, an underground temple to Mithras, located near Hadrian’s Wall in Great Britain, circa 100-200 CE, one of many interesting features. Mithras is depicted as hatched full grown from an egg. More traditional portrayals have him emerge from a shattered rock. The Zodiac figures in the frieze surrounding the sun god are also unusual. I added the World Snake devouring its own tail for extra symbolism and also completed the body, still mostly roughed out in the original. I used my yellow oil marker for the eggshell and the gold one for the border and I’m fairly pleased with the results. His hair looks like Bettie Page’s though.

Here’s the original for comparison:


birth of mithras I

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