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Nanos-Alux, Court Dwarf of Ah’itzotl, King of Pergom-Tulum

Dwarf224Another character portrait from my novel in progress, The Infernal Twins. Nanos-Alux the court dwarf is the most able member of King Ah’itzotl’s retinue, skilled in science, magic, administration, and the military arts. Seated on a low dais, in the presence of his Divine King, he ingests a potent mixture of opium, toad venom, and psilocybin, to demonstrate the potion’s safety. Note the stylishly matched jade earflare and navel ring. To cool the cat while he blows his mind, I provided a World Tree for shade, a highly stylized ceiba, similar to the Norse Yggdrasil Tree, an ash in that myth.

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