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“Last Of The Aztec Riders” Accepted By Hinnon Magazine

The disturbing Mr. Lovecraft in chiaroscuro.

The disturbing Mr. Lovecraft in chiaroscuro.

My biker horror story, Last Of The Aztec Riders, has been accepted for publication by Hinnom Magazine. My sincere thanks to Editor/Publisher C. P. Dunphey for accepting the story. Last can be described as the kind of yarn an editor for Easy Riders magazine might have accepted back in the ’70’s if he’d come to work with a particularly bad hangover that accentuated his morbid streak and found this miscegenation in the slush pile. If horror is largely about being scared, I can say from personal experience. bikers strike fear into civilians very effectively. See what happens when tables get turned on scooter trash in the Nevada badlands. I’ll let everyone know when the issue with the story appears.


Such nice young men.

An Aztec idol?

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