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Issue 001 of Hinnon Magazine Now Available On Amazon

Hinnom Magazine Issue 001 by [Dunphey, C.P., Fitzpatrick, Ryan, Newton, Kurt, Miller, G.A., Leahy, John, Mellon, Michelle, Joshi, S.T.]


The first issue of Hinnom Magazine is now out. Hinnon is apparently part of the Hebrew root of Gehenna, the place where the wicked go when they die. Of course, it’s a horror magazine. My biker story, Last Of The Aztec Riders, will appear in the second issue. Big kudos to editor/publisher, C. P. Dunphey. Please also note the odd coincidence/synchronicity of a writer named Michelle Mellon appearing in the first issue. She’s not related to me, but seems like a perfectly lovely person. Those with a taste for well written macabre fiction need to order this now:

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