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I’m Mark Mellon, a novelist who supports his family by working as an attorney. I write two-fisted, hardboiled, blood and guts pulp fiction with four novels and over ninety short stories published in the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Bulgaria, and Denmark. This website is how I let people know when I’m published, where interested readers can find my work, and my thoughts on writing and other subjects in general. Regularly updated blog posts will be featured along with my most current publications. I hope the revised site is a groovy gasser for all of you!

Latest Release:

The Bigger Con is set in the 1920’s Florida land boom at its speculative height. Harry Easton and his mob of con men rip and tear in Target City, robbing marks blind. Add Easton’s marriage to the gorgeous Gabe and his happiness seems complete. Yet doubt still troubles Easton in the form of Sylvanus O’Moira, definitely a charlatan, quite possibly a real black magician. The merry Irishman consistently outmaneuvers Easton. He ends up on the run from the law with Gabe a sacrificial victim for O’Moira’s obscene, unholy rites. Alone, helpless, can Easton overcome the odds and save Gabe?


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