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I. Novels

    1. The Pirooters, Treble Heart Books/Sundowners. Published January 30, 2008. 65,000 words. San Antonio, Texas, 1916. Jim Ed’s hot temper keeps him in constant trouble with his father, Leo Pargrew, a wealthy lawyer. After a long absence, the Pargrews are visited by Leo’s father Virge, an old cowman, come to reconcile Leo with his family. Virge tells Jim Ed a yarn of hair-raising exploits with his wild granduncle Heck in search of Jim Bowie’s legendary silver mine down in old Mexico in 1865 with Comanches, bandidos, and French Foreign Legionnaires all in hot pursuit. Enthralled by the tale, Jim Ed doesn’t know whether to believe it, but one summer at Virge’s ranch, he learns the real secret of the lost treasure of Santa Perdida. This book is out of print.
    2. Escape From Byzantium, Withersin Press. Published September 15, 2009. 50,000 words. Simon Rosencreutz, a conscript officer in the Holy Army of the Revolution, wants nothing more than to escape from Zoorland, a strange, dangerous blend of revolutionary Russia and Iran. Saved at the last second from imminent execution, promoted and transferred from the hazardous front to the seeming safety of Byzantium, Zoorland’s capital, Rosencreutz finds himself rescued from death by combat only to be trapped in a nightmare of intrigue and suspicion, a moral quicksand of deceit, coups, plots, and counter-plots. Winner of the 2010 Independent Publisher Silver Medal for SF/Fantasy. No longer in print.
    3. Napoleon Concerto, Treble Heart Books. Published December 15, 2009. 100,000 words. The Napoleonic Wars: the world’s two great powers square off in deadly combat. France is militarily undefeatable under Bonaparte. Britain rules the seas. Neither side can come to grips with the other, to engage and defeat a mortal enemy. The English whale confronts the French elephant with no practical way for either one to destroy the other. Or is there? The answers can be found in a novel of alternative history that reads like Patrick O’Brian mixed with Jules Verne. This book is out of print.
    4. Roman Hell, Amber Quill Press. Published August 17, 2010. 64,000 words. Roma, world capital, choked with summertime heat and filth, sum and summit of earthly power and glory. This is the arena where the impoverished poet Martial struggles for money and fame. When Titus, “Princeps” or first citizen, asks Martial to spy, the shameless poet willingly accepts. Yet what seems a trivial assignment grows increasingly dangerous and deadly when evil witches plot with Domitian, Titus’s brother. With the help of a brave ex-legionary, Martial tries to reveal the plot. Yet Martial’s efforts to save the Princeps only drag him deeper… into a Roman Hell…As of March 2016, the novel is no longer in print.

II. Short Stories

    1. Harry’s Car, Retard Magazine, No. 1, 1994. Red Menace Publishing. 2,500 words. A lawyer who wishes he was a cop drives like a jerk and lives to regret it.
    2. Trophy of the Hunt, Aberrations Magazine, No. 32, 1995. 6,000 words. A broken man struggles with alcoholism while leading a hunt for biologically engineered super apes.
    3. Conversations with an Old Man, Chasm: Journal of the Macabre, Vol. 2, No. 2, Winter 1997. 5,000 words. Exiled to an Arctic wilderness, a young man is drawn into a deadly game with an old shepherd who may be more than he appears.
    4. The List of Caliban Cade, Gothic.Net e-zine, January, 1999. 6,000 words. An obese government attorney resorts to slaughter when his world collapses around him.
    5. Where Will We Bury Them?, Of Ages Past, Vol. 2, No. 1, July, 1999. 8,000 words. A Red Army division tries to invade Finland but is trapped and slowly chewed to pieces. This was excerpted from an unfinished WWII novel, Hammer and Skull.
    6. The Old Man and the Sea Ate Me, Gauntlet, No. 3, 1999. 6,000 words. A man suspiciously like Tarzan finds himself locked in battle with a shark as big as a bus.
    7. Viva La BigAss!, Terra Incognita Magazine, No. 6, Winter 2000/2001. 6,000 words. Coco the sacred ho is taken prisoner by a bird-headed man in a sadly deteriorated future Las Vegas.
    8. The Brave Little Cockroach, Anthrolations Magazine, No. 3, January, 2001. 6,000 words. A 50-pound cockroach labors heroically to salvage a radioactively contaminated Taj Mahal, unaware he is but a pawn in a plot. (Note: this story was nominated for Best Anthropomorphic Short Story of 2001 for the Ursa Major Awards.)  This story was also put online as a podcast by Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing on September 21, 2009. Read by Stoker Bramwell. The Brave Little Cockroach/
    9. Partisans, Gauntlet, No. 6, 2001. 6,000 words. Cut off from his own lines by the Germans, a young Red Army officer rallies resistance against them in the Pripet Marshes. This was another excerpt from Hammer and Skull.
    10. Shtriga’s Kiss, chapbook published by Anxiety Publications, 2001. 4,500 words. Count Ciano conquered every beautiful woman he met. After all, he was Mussolini’s son-in-law. That is, until he met the Shtriga. This story was re-published in 2012 by Hungur, a vampire fiction magazine, in their Walpurgisnacht issue.
    11. That Summer on the Moon, Albedo One Magazine, No. 26, 2002. 6,000words. Poplumina Percival Shakur travels to the lunar summer home of Odysseus O’Toole, only to find himself in serious danger.
    12. The Favor, Behold, an e-zine of Anxiety Publications, 2002. 2,000 words. A Red Army officer must decide in occupied Poland whether to extend mercy at the risk of his own life. Another Hammer and Skull excerpt.
    13. And A Snake Tattoo, Whispers From The Shattered Forum, No. 8, 2002. 3,000 words. “Mellon takes on tough tasks in this story: he sets horror in a mundane, even familiar locale, then sets out to make it as weird as an exotic setting. He also tries to evoke a snake as an innocent victim, a rare reversal.” Tangent Online review excerpt.
    14. The Were-Jaguar, The City Morgue, No. 11, 2003. 5,000 words. A fanged dwarf wreaks strange magic in a Pre-Columbian horror story.
    15. The White Whale of Europa, Black Satellite, No, 4, 2003. 3,000 words. “A genetically engineered animal resides on the terraformed surface of Europa. Created by a partnership of alien industrialists, the whale exists solely to be hunted by wealthy clients.” From the review on the Project Pulp website. This story was reprinted in Visions III: Inside The Kuiper Belt, Lillicat Publishers, December 2015
    16. The Goth’s Daily Grind, Quietus Magazine, Vol.1, Issue 2, Hallowmas, 2003. 1,690 words. Available on CD-ROM. A disgruntled goth receives an unpleasant surprise that makes his day.
    17. Gates of Ai’Dann, Hadrosaur Tales, No. 19, 2004. 5,000 words. Mithras Pahlavi senselessly committed suicide by leaping into a hurricane, leaving his enormous Florida mansion to his vicious wife. Or did he? Note: Hadrosaur Tales is now Tales of the Talisman.
    18. Two Heads Are, Premonitions, 2004 Relaunch Issue, Pigasus Press. 5,000 words. A gencode relies on his specially bred two-headed companion for everything: sex, information, protection.
    19. Bell of the Clan, Zahir, No. 4, 2004. 6,000 words. A boy in medieval Ireland is sent to the land of the Sidhe on a quest for a family heirloom. This story was reprinted in 2010 as part of Faeries: An Anthology, by Static Movement/Pill Hill Press. This is no longer in print. This story has been published a third time in the Summer 2018 issue (no. 2) of the Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly:
    20. Neron Caesar 666, Sutekh’s Gift, No. 1, 2004. 6,000 words. Laenas, a retired gladiator, must battle demons at the command of a resurrected Emperor Nero. To quote the editors: “Written with pace and ceaseless energy from the first paragraph to the last line, Neron Caesar 666 is a dark and feverish foray into ancient delirium.”
    21. Et in Arcadia Ego, Aoife’s Kiss, No. 8, 2004. 6,000 words. An arrogant Olympic athlete competes in the manner of the ancient Greeks and learns a valuable lesson about real courage.
    22. Don’t Worry, The Boss Knows All About It, Combat Magazine, Volume 2, No. 4, Fall, 2004. 6,000 words. A Red Army officer learns of imminent German invasion, but superiors ignore his warnings. This was a fourth excerpt from the novel Hammer and Skull.
    23. Down To The Frenchman’s Place, Rope And Wire Magazine, 2009. 3,400 words. An eccentric Frenchman and his Japanese wife must face rustlers on their isolated ranch.
    24. The Espantosa, Rope And Wire Magazine, 2009. 3,900 words. Charles Dent thought he could handle anything, but learned a hard lesson otherwise when he brought his pregnant wife to the Espantosa Lake. A traditional Western based on old Texas ghost stories.  In 2011, this story was also published in Rymfire Books’ State Of Horror, Texas, a horror anthology. This is apparently no longer in print.
    25. A Gringo In Matalo, A Twist Of Noir 259, November, 2009. 2,700 words. Two Mexican narcos eat cocaine and drink beer while a kidnapped boy languishes. A gringo shows up. This is the first published Alec Pargrew story.
    26. The Occultation Suit, Twisted Tongue, Issue 14, December 2009. 4,200 words. A Soviet secret policeman plots to save an absent-minded professor and his beautiful daughter when the professor’s amazing invention leaves Stalin unimpressed.  This story was re-published in the We Walk Invisible anthology published by Chupa Cabra Press in November 2013, edited by Timm Tayshun.
    27. The Best Part, Sex And Murder, Vol. 1, Issue 7, February 2010. 1,000 words. “T For Trouble” Terry figured himself the baddest pro wrestler there was. He stepped into a punk bar one night looking to kick some ass…
    28. The Mayombe Stick, Dark Gothic Resurrected, Spring, 2010. 4,700 words. Handsome, arrogant Kent Caputo invites trouble when he accepts a beautiful woman’s invitation to learn about black magic while on vacation in the Caribbean.
    29. Whims Of A Living God, Danse Macabre, DM 41 Weltkrieg, 2010. 5,300 words. Aetius, a simple legionary, is compelled by an angry ghost to involve himself in the affairs of the immortal emperor, to his increasing peril.
    30. The People Are Never Alone, Midwest Literary Magazine, October 2010 issue. 4,900 words. Hattie Tom hires Alec Pargrew, cowhand PI, to search for Apaches in the Sierra Madre. Alec anticipates a wild goose chase, but then narcos turn things deadly.  This story was also reissued in 2010 by The Quiet Press in a soft cover print anthology, Bearing North.
    31. Mangas The Beast Fighter, Planetary Stories, Issue 21, Feb. 2011. 4,000 words. Bred to fight dinosaurs and giant mammals in Da Kolozon Amfyatire, Mangas yearns for his own Greek island. This was an effort at space opera9.
    32. Buzzards Circle Dogtown, Pulp Empire, Volume 4, 2011. Edited by Nicholas Ahlhelm. 9,500 words. The good citizens of Dogtown had everything under control until they picked the wrong cowhand to bother. A long, traditional Western story. This story was re-published in Frontier Tales, an online Western magazine, in two parts in August and September of 2013 respectively.
    33. Asshole Factory, Static Movement, Like Frozen Statues Of Flesh anthology, July 2011. Edited by Joe Jablonski. 2,700 words. A man works at a factory just off the Jersey Turnpike making assholes. One night, there’s a horrible industrial accident at the old fart plant. My first venture into bizarro fiction. This is now out of print.  This story has been re-published in issue no. 10 of Polluto, a UK magazine. This is their Wage Slave Orgy issue.
    34. Annals Of The Allred Clan, Post-Apocalyptic Raids Horror Anthology, Rymfire Books, 2011. Edited by Armand Rosamila. 7,000 words. Polygamous Mormons cope in a near-future American West ravaged by heat and drought. Possibly the bleakest thing I’ve ever written. This is now out of print.  This story has been reprinted in Mother’s Revenge, an anthology of dystopian fiction from Scary Dairy Press.” Follow that with this link:
    35. A Place For A Cockfighting Man, Criminal Class Review, Criminal Class Press, Vol. 5, 2012. 2,500 words. Another Alec Pargrew story. Against his better judgment, Pargrew hires out as a bodyguard for a gringo cockfighter in a Mexican border town. This is now out of print
    36. Dribbling In Xibalba, Explorers: Beyond The Horizon, an anthology published by the Dead Robots Society Podcast, 2012. 4,800 words. A charlatan who poses as a Mayan expert discovers that an ancient codex is even more real than he thinks.
    37. The Golem Of Bidosz, The Mythic Circle, issue no. 34, 2012. 4,550 words. Under siege by Turks, a desperate Austrian officer turns to a Jewish mystic for help. The Mythic Circle is a small literary magazine published annually by the Mythopoeic Society.
    38. A Rare Chance At The Enemy, Battlespace, Military Science Fiction Anthology, Knightwatch Press, 2012. 4,900 words. This was an excerpt from Napoleon Concerto, published as a short story. One spring day in 1806, the frigate HMS L’Oiseau receives a nasty surprise while cruising off Boulogne. Note: proceeds from the sale of this anthology go to Warrior Cry, a group of volunteers who provide wounded soldiers with musical instruments and then teach them to play.  This story was accepted for re-publication by Martinus Publishing in an anthology entitled Altered Europa. It was published in 2017.
    39. Raw Meat For The Great God Pan, Beyond The Pillars anthology, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, October 2013. 2,500 words. Young Oulixes is tasked by his father with taking a sacrifice to Pan, but along the way a greedy satyr interferes.
    40. The Pocket Lord Of Luna, Planetary Stories, issue no. 29, October 2013. 2,800 words. A journalist of the far future is trapped in the lunar pleasure palace of a decadent plutocrat. This is basically a space opera re-working of Don Giovanni.
    41. Easter Blood Sacrifice, Noir Nation, issue no. 3, November 2013. 4,000 words. The fourth published Alec Pargrew story. Pargrew travels to Mexico to rescue an alcoholic English professor.
    42. Death Of A One-Percenter, Thuglit Magazine, issue no. 10, MAR/APR 2014. 4,900 words. The fifth Alec Pargrew story. Alec is hired to be a bodyguard for an incredibly rich and venal Texas good old boy.
    43. Grand Larceny Aboard GDI Raffaello, Tigershark Magazine, issue no. 4, Tigershark Publishing. May 2014. 3,100 words. Valuable jewels are stolen aboard a nuclear-powered airship and it’s up to Chief Purser Campoleone to get to the bottom of the crime. You’ve heard of steampunk? This is Fellini punk.
    44. Forbidden Branson, Crimespree Magazine, issue no. 57, November 2014. 2,800 words. The sixth published Pargrew story, the first one written from a humorous bent. Alec plays hell looking for his old buddy R.T. in the decadent fleshpots of Branson, Missouri.
    45. Vacation’s End, Elementals 4: Wings Of Air (Latchkey Tales) (volume 4), November 2014. 3,000 words. An incredibly spoiled brat in the near future insists on a tour of a ruined New York City and learns that life really isn’t a bowl of cherries. Another bleak, dystopian yarn.
    46. The Hippie Hunter, Over My Dead Body!, December, 2014, 2,700 words. A New York City punk poses as a park policeman at outdoor music festivals so he can roust hippies and shake them down for their drugs.
    47. The Badger Game, Hardboiled: Crime Scene, March 16, 2015, Dead Guns Press, John L. Thompson, ed. This is an excerpt from The Confessions Of Septimus P. Nasby, my currently unpublished Civil War crime novel, and deals with the world’s oldest con, using sex to rob someone.
    48. In Wilde Pursuit, Midnight Circus, issue no. 7, Alternative History Issue, April 2015. Frank Harris and G. Bernard Shaw intervene to save Oscar Wilde in this alternate history story. This yarn was inspired by one of Harris’s many boasts in his autobiography, My Life And Loves.
    49. Valley Of The Meth Head Rustlers, Yellow Mama, issue no. 52, October 2015. The seventh Alec Pargrew story. Alec’s old friend R. T. realizes someone is rustling stock and asks for help.
    50. Trainwreck, Near To The Knuckle, Nov. 18, 2015. Close 2 The Bone. A criminal gang deliberately wrecks a train so they can loot it. Two points about this story: 1) I got the idea from reading a biography of psychopathic criminal Carl Panzram; and 2) this is a pastiche of Dashiell Hammett’s Continental Op stories.
    51. The Arrest, NonBinary Review, Zoetic Press, Issue No. 8, The Art Of War by Sun Tzu, March 2016. This is an excerpt from my novella, Escape From Byzantium. Simon Rosencreutz is arrested at the front and seems to face certain execution, until a surprising turn of events intervenes.
    52. Last Of The Aztec Riders, Deadman’s Tome, Oct. 7, 2016. This is a biker horror story, based on Jay Dobyns’s autobiographical exposé of his time spent as an undercover outlaw biker. This story was reprinted in August 2017 in issue 002 of Gehenna And Hinnom, an extreme horror magazine:
    53. Prodigal Son, Suspense Magazine, Best of November/December Issue 2016, 3,300 words. This is the eighth Alec Pargrew story to be published and is excerpted from the first full length Pargrew novel, Sticky Wicket. Alec tracks down a runaway druggie who doesn’t much appreciate being found.
    54. The Great Man’s Iron Horse, Principia Ponderosa, Third Flatiron, Feb. 2017, 4,400 words. This is just a thinly veiled attempt on my part to write the short story equivalent of a W. C. Fields movie.
    55. A Gallant Southern Cavalier, Historical Feathers, January 2018, 4,900 words. Another excerpt from Nasby, my Civil War crime novel, a fictional account of Earl Van Dorn’s ignominious death, the only general killed in the war by a jealous husband rather than the enemy. This magazine went out of print, but is still available online:
    56. Melkart The Herdsman, Mythaxis, February 2018, 13,500 words. This novelette is the longest story ever published in Mythaxis, a UK speculative fiction magazine with a durable history. It reworks the myth of Heracles and the cattle of Geryon in pre-Roman Italy.
    57. Woe, Babylon Besieged, Trigger Warnings, February 2018, 2,930 words. This is my H. P. Lovecraft pastiche. Trigger Warnings was another extreme horror magazine published in Denmark by Executive Editor Raven Black that billed itself as “the lit mag that doesn’t give a shit about your sensibilities.” TW promptly went out of business right after that, so no weblink.
    58. Isle Of The White Worm Spice, Infernal Ink, April 2018, 4,160 words. Infernal Ink is an erotic horror magazine published by Hydra M. Star. Spanish conquistadors find a tropical paradise, seek to conquer it, and die. One of my rare stories that deals with sex:
    59. Two Friars Came To Montestregae, Dark Fire Fiction, July 2018, 2,900 words. Dark Fire is a UK horror magazine. An excerpt from a fantasy novel set in Renaissance Italy, City Of Witches. A randy monk sticks his junk where it doesn’t belong and pays a heavy price.
    60. The Mustanger, Concho River Review, vol. 32, no. 2, Fall/Winter 2018, 2,640 words. Robert Lemmons was a black Texas cowhand in the bad old days who trailed wild mustangs in South Texas until they considered him part of the herd. This is my version of his exploits. I read this story at the 2018 Elmer Kelton Literary Conference at Angelo State University in Texas. ASU also publishes the Concho River Review: