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Sea Jackals Of Dubai Accepted By Into The Ruins Magazine


Sea Jackals Of Dubai is a post-apocalyptic short story about brave men who sail from a now tropical Antarctica in a frail boat powered by a crude methane engine on an incredibly long voyage to plunder the ruins of a desolate Persian Gulf. Into The Ruins is a deindustrial SF quarterly focused on publishing SF that explores a future defined by natural limits, energy and resource depletion, industrial decline, climate change, and other consequences stemming from the reckless and shortsighted exploitation of our planet, and to imagine the ways that humans will adapt, survive, live, die, and thrive within this future.

The two seemed to be a good fit and it turns out that editor/founder Joel Caris agrees with me. I’m always pleased to get anything published, but this is a particularly satisfying credit, due to my longstanding interest in bleak, dystopian fiction with a special shout out to Anthony Burgess’s 1985.

Expect to see the story in the next issue of Into The Ruins. I’ll do another plug when the issue’s out. In the meantime, check out the magazine’s website:

By Way Of Explanation

Regular readers may perhaps wonder why there’s been a sudden outpouring of quasi-Hellenic art from this blog. I should have made it plain early on that I’ve returned from a very nice trip to Rome and Naples where we saw a great deal of antiquities, to include Pompeii. I guess my surroundings inspired me:

Here’s me in Rome (Ego Romae):

In Romo


And here I am in front of the Arch of Titus (or as my daughter put it, “A  man in the shadow of history”):

Prae Arce Titi

So you can see where I got the urge.

Bocca Della Verita

Bocca Della Verita113Veritas nocet quod mordet.

Testa De Cavallo A La Corleone

Godfather Horsehead112

I  bought an instruction book on drawing and this is my first effort based on it. What do you think?

Clamshell Caesar!

Clamshell Caesar111


Also hailed as the Yul Brynner Emperor.  Salve, Imperator Calvitius!

Novus Ordo Spoliatorum


In their later, more decadent period, the Romans became expert at building new monumental structures by recycling parts from previous ones. Known as spolia, it creates a pretty hodge-podge effect at times, with disparate architectural elements cobbled together into an arch, for example, the one for Constantine. That’s the excuse for me desecrating this fantasy landscape. I’ve incorporated my spolia. How like me to take something and spoil (exploit) it.

The head capital looks like Pompey the Great to me or maybe the monumental head of Constantine. Take  your pick.

“Fortune Teller” Hot Off The Presses At Horror Sleaze Trash!

Olmec Wheel023And Dame Tyche deals me another kiss and the hits just keep on coming. My extreme horror story, Fortune Teller, is up this moment on Horror Sleaze Trash, the magazine with the guts to live up to its name! Fortune tells the fate of a hedge fund exec who asks one too many questions of the Greek Lord of the Dead. Rather than go any further, why not click the link and read the story for free?




La Gorgone Etruscana


Mysterical-E Publishes Murder Mystery Novella: “Death Finds The Hippy Hunter”


Around twenty-five years ago, I hung around outside RFK Stadium while the Grateful Dead played their last gig with Jerry Garcia, due to the fact that he croaked almost immediately thereafter. Although I drew many impressions from the sizable crowd drifting around outside the stadium, my chief conclusion was what silly, gullible people hippies were due to the fact that a large number of them were convinced upon sight of me that I must be some sort of undercover law enforcement. Me, a cop, ha ha. The only thing I could figure was my military bearing (a holdover from years of indentured servitude with the US Army) and disgruntled demeanor somehow added up to the Man in their pot foozled brains.

This gave me the germ of  an idea for a short story, The Hippy Hunter, about a punk kid who goes to outdoor music festivals in upstate New York where he poses as a park policeman so he can roust hippy kids by pretending to arrest them and then shaking them down for their drugs. The Hippy Hunter was published in Over My Dead Body in December 2014:

From this, I got the idea for another story, only much longer and this time involving an actual murder mystery, the first time I’ve ever tried something in that vein. The result is Death Finds The Hippy Hunter, a 17,000 word novella, now out in the new, Winter/Spring 2019 issue of Mysterical-E, one of the longest running, best reputed crime/mystery magazines on the Internet:

Without giving too much of the plot, Kurt Malaparte, the Hippy Hunter, finds himself a fish out of water when his hippy girlfriend Flora Windsor drags him to the Sun Solstice Fest in upstate New York. Forced to get along with people he usually victimizes, the culture clash is high. Tensions reach a breaking point, however, when a featured performer at the festival is murdered with Kurt as the chief suspect. To find out the solution to the mystery and how Kurt manages to endure a lot of New Age hogwash without going stark staring mad, check out the latest issue of Mysterical-E.



Gutted Guernica Galloper Goes Green!



After all, what could be more organic than rotting?