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Young Satyr Admiring His Tail

Young Satyr

Sea Battle Appears In Lost Boys Press Antho

Lost Boys Press’s new anthology, Great Wars, a collection of alternate history/military SF stories, is now on sale, featuring my steampunk yarn, Sea Battle. Thrill as a single French steamship takes on the British Royal Navy. In hard cover or paperback with lots of other cool merch! En avant, mes enfants!
Great Wars

A Hunting Party Now Out In Cowboy Jamboree

Cowboy Jamboree’s Thalia Et Alia issue is now available, dedicated to the memory of Larry McMurtry. The issue features my story “A Hunting Party,” based very loosely on experiences of my grandfather, Matthew Benzaquin (pictured below). It’s free to read:


Col. Darron L. Wright Memorial Writing Award 2022 – 2nd Runner Up

I’m pleased to announce my short story, Don’t Worry, The Boss Knows All About It, is a second runner-up for this year’s Col. Darron L. Wright Memorial Writing Award sponsored by Line Of Advance magazine, a forum for fiction by military veterans. Don’t Worry is an excerpt from an unfinished war novel about a young Red Army battalion commander on the border just before the Germans invade. It’s a grim story and not for the fainthearted.

Strongman Safari Out In Dark Horses Magazine

Dark Horses Cover

Dark Horses Magazine, a journal of weird fiction, has published my gonzo hunting story, Strongman Safari, about a Castroesque strongman who seeks a mythical beast in the remote jungle only to get far more than a trophy. Order a copy of issue no. 7 on Amazon using the link below:

Mystery Magazine AUG 22: Rat Killer

Rat Killer

My hardboiled Western yarn, Rat Killer, is the cover story for this month’s issue of Mystery Magazine, a leading mystery/crime fiction mag from Canada. Anyone interested should click the Amazon link below to order a copy:

Behold Aztlantis!

Aztlantis235This map lays out Aztlantis, a secondary world, the setting for a dark fantasy trilogy, Death Gods Of Aztlantis. Heavily influenced by Mesoamerican cosmology with a liberal splash of Classical myth to keep things spicy, I wrote the first book in six months. You may recall previous drawings of characters from the novel. Wish me luck getting the novel published.

Bring Me The Dead Of Jerry Garcia Now Out In Retreats From Oblivion!


My biker crime story, Bring Me The Dead Of Jerry Garcia, is now out in Retreats From Oblivion, the Journal of NoirCon. This is the third published story about Kurt Malaparte, the Hippie Hunter. The story’s available for FREE, so why not learn about what happens when the Owl’s Eye Anus Eaters, Canada’s roughest biker gang, encounter the Hippie Hunter:




Nanos-Alux, Court Dwarf of Ah’itzotl, King of Pergom-Tulum

Dwarf224Another character portrait from my novel in progress, The Infernal Twins. Nanos-Alux the court dwarf is the most able member of King Ah’itzotl’s retinue, skilled in science, magic, administration, and the military arts. Seated on a low dais, in the presence of his Divine King, he ingests a potent mixture of opium, toad venom, and psilocybin, to demonstrate the potion’s safety. Note the stylishly matched jade earflare and navel ring. To cool the cat while he blows his mind, I provided a World Tree for shade, a highly stylized ceiba, similar to the Norse Yggdrasil Tree, an ash in that myth.

The Eye Of Texas

Eye of Texas222Is staring at you all the live long day. This is dedicated to the memory of my dear friend, the late Tom Moody, a son of Texas and a finer artist than I’ll ever be. Adios, Tom.