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“A Gallant Southern Cavalier” Appears 25 JAN in Historical Feathers

Gallant Cavalier, All-Round Horn Dog

The old horny jackass rides again.

Followers of the blog may recall that I wrote a still unpublished novel, The Confessions Of Septimus P. Nasby, about the Civil War experiences of a sociopath career criminal. An excerpt from that novel, A Gallant Southern Cavalier, will appear as a short story in the January 2018 issue of Historical Feathers, a UK historical fiction magazine.

HF describe themselves thusly:

“Historical Feathers, as an imprint of the publishing company Book Feathers Ltd, is a publisher of historical fiction novels, novellas, short story and poetry collections as well as a bi-annual anthology for charity. We are a small team, local to the Cotswolds, who are passionate about fiction and all things history and, as writers and readers ourselves, we understand the devotion it takes to see a manuscript to completion. Therefore, we strive to help other writers of the historical fiction genres become published with a professional and heartfelt service.”

Readers with a taste for irony may find humor in this fictional recounting of the decidedly ignominious end of Earl Van Dorn, the only Civil War general on either side to die violently during the war, not in the heat of battle, but shot in the back of the head while sitting in his office by a jealous husband. I tried to write this book in a Twainian vein and hopefully that acidic, rueful tone comes through. My thanks to the staff of Historical Feathers for accepting the story. The issue will be out on January 25. Click the link below to learn more:


Confederate style cavalry percussion shotgun on confederate flag. Confederate guerrilla using this weapon during the American Civil War.

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