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Felix Dies Natalis Solis Invicti MMDCCLI

The Mustanger, Concho River Review

In February of this eventful year, I read my Western short story, The Mustanger, at the 2018 Elmer Kelton Literary Conference at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. False modesty aside, the reading went well and the Concho River Review, a literary magazine founded and run by ASU faculty, subsequently accepted the story for […]

Review of Scott Eyman’s “John Wayne: Life And Legend”

Not the book cover picture, but this one does capture Wayne’s innate likability.

Simon & Schuster, 574 pp. Someone long ago once wrote that biographers generally fall into two camps in that they either come to love or despise their subject. Scott Eyman falls firmly into the first category with his lengthy effort at […]

“The Track” Accepted By Noir Con Journal – Retreats From Oblivion

Long time readers may recall my announcement back in 2016 that my 20,000 word modern noir novella, The Track, was due to be published. After a long delay, however, and a complete failure on the publisher’s part (who shall remain nameless) to reply to repeated queries, I gave it up as a bad job and […]

The “OH S@#T!” Face Cleaned Up For General Public Consumption













I really can’t say that I blame the poor fellow. After all, we do live in troubled times. An image for these times.

Going A Bit Picasso

Now pretend you’re at the optometrist’s and decide: which image is sharper, the one on the left or the one on the right?

Broken Columns, Empty Maxims

The background is a very nicely preserved and restored ancient temple on the southern coast of Spain. The foreground are the products of a Continuing Legal Education class.

Andy The Anxious Alligator

Failed pilot for a ’60’s Hanna-Barbera cartoon series about a neurotic alligator with an eating disorder. Notable for use of live action/animated filming with disturbingly realistic scenes of people being eaten alive.

Aleister Crowley Portrait

Prae Templo Athenae Urbei Nashis Fui

I may not be classy, but I am classical.