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Infernal Ink Accepts “Isle Of The White Worm Spice”

Talk about asking for it. Ferdie might as well have hung a sign around his neck that read “Please kill me.”

Prior readers may recall that I’m a fan of grueling sea voyage tales (not GSVs themselves, mind you, I’m a hopeless landlubber). Probably the worst journey ever was Ferdinand Magellan’s trip around the […]

The Bloody Rites Of A Winter Solstice

A Variation On An Archaic, Mithraic Theme

What can I say? Even stonehearted old curmudgeons like myself soften, shed a tear, and get all icky sentimental when the birthday of my favorite celestial orb approaches. After all, it’s not every day you get to brain a bull with a hammer and cut his throat […]

An Aristocratic Jerk – “The Homicidal Earl” by Saul David

A last chance to redeem a misspent life, which, of course, he blew.

I must confess, spoiled, wastrel, British aristocrats have long held interest for me, possibly from reading Flashman novels during my youth. A good example is George IV, Prinny to friends, a grotesquely obese, self indulgent sloth driven largely by gluttony, lust, […]

And A Universe Reordered By An Act Of Mind Alone

Speaking as a hopelessly clumsy fellow, that’s a nice catch.


Stanislaw Szukalski, the insane Polish artist, has been a long standing interest of mine since I first read about him and saw his work in Robert Crumb’s Weirdo Magazine back in the mid-80’s. His racial theories of history and human development were, of […]

!!Styling It With Saint Simeon In Syria!!

Another sunny day in Paradise.


It looks like he’s trying to hail a cab to me. Can you blame him for wanting to get out of there? The chain around his waist is a nice BDSM touch, but it’s really for safety in case he rolls off the pillar in his sleep. Nobody […]

Stemma Di Visconti – Duchi de Milan

In plain English, “I won’t break the code of a snake!”


The proud and illustrious crest of an insanely depraved and murderous Renaissance noble family, even by the godawful standards of their day. Also and of course, in a neat Shavian paradox, great patrons of the arts, pittori e scultori.


Amid A Swarm Of Flies

And no flyswatter big enough in the world to deal with it.

Le Coq Gualois Encore

Gallus Gallicus In Arma Concitante

This owes a very loose, tangential debt to the brilliant, albeit completely mad Polish sculptor and painter, Stanislaw Szukalski, who among other projects had a totally impractical and impossible scheme to build a giant, grotesque statue of a rooster in the countryside in dedication to the spirit of […]

Imaginary Coat of Arms

Under moon and mountain, I hold this land


I’ve resumed writing a fantasy novel entitled City Of Witches. It’s set in Renaissance Italy and concerns a walled, ancient town, Pietradelmaga, high in the Abruzzi by a towering, forested mountain, Montestregae. In this remote, isolated region, black clad, virago women are armed with daggers […]

I Pan Books

Sometimes It Can Be Hard To Spot A Crank So Always Keep An Eye Out

Rome: Day One, Andrea Carandini, translated by Stephen Sartarelli, Princeton Press, 172 pp., 2011.

This is basically the work of a crank with an ax to grind, but one who’s also a trained archaeologist with a deep knowledge of […]