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Hail Athena Poliouchos – Athena, Founder And Protector Of Cities

I tried to draw the Greek goddess of wisdom, handicrafts, and battle strategy before, but wasn’t too pleased with the results. This is a second attempt. I’m not crazy about this one either, but it’s a definite improvement over the last effort. The model for the drawing was a photograph of a votive relief […]

Tales Of Brave Achilles – Ιστορίες γενναίου Αχιλλέα

Given a choice by his mother, the sea nymph Thetis, between a long, peaceful, happy life followed by oblivion, his name unknown as a hero, or a short, violent struggle that ended in a young death and eternal glory, Achilles willingly chose the latter path only to ultimately bemoan his fate as a dead soul […]

Host Of Many Now Out Featuring My Story Fortune Teller

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a very interesting organization with a focus on Hellenistic-Egyptian paganism that derives its inspiration from the ancient city of Alexandria, home of the famous library where all the legendary wisdom of antiquity was gathered. In that spirit, the BA has been steadily publishing on a fairly prolific basis a series of […]

Melkart The Castaway Now Out In Cirsova Magazine

The latest tale of Melkart, the mighty Phoenician, is now available for discerning sword and sandal fans in the Fall 2020 issue of Cirsova, the magazine of thrilling adventure and daring suspense, the third publication to feature the redoubtable Semite’s adventures, this time as the lead story.

Read in spellbound awe how Melkart, shipwrecked on […]

“Aphrodite’s Cleft” Accepted For Cauldron Anthology Whore Issue


Good news! Aphrodite’s Cleft has been accepted by Cauldron Anthology, a literary journal about embracing the wild feminine, for their twelfth issue with the theme: Whore. To quote from the Cauldron Anthology website: “[A]ll about what it’s like to be a whore, a being that experiences pleasure and how those things are good. […]

Ares The Red God Of War


Ares: the Hellenistic avatar of senseless, bloodstained war, military conflict at its most brutal, a cruel god filled with an unreasoning lust for slaughter that can only be slaked by brave men’s death, to watch their lives’ blood pour out on the field of battle and roar in satisfaction at the waste and […]

Coffin Bell Journal Interview Now Available

Coffin Bell Journal, the quarterly online journal of dark literature that recently featured my crime/horror short story, Trick Roller, has posted an interview with me online in which I discuss my writing career, my views on how to go about writing, suggestions for novices, and writers that I admire among other topics. My sincere […]

All Hail The Lord Of Dead Souls And Unseen Things


The ancient Greeks and Romans believed the Lord of the Dead was the richest of the gods since all the hidden treasures of the earth were his, gold, silver, gems, etc. That’s why I made sure he has plenty of bling. His Greek name, Hades, is traced to an archaic word meaning the […]

The Yacht As Big As Manhattan Now Up On Tall Tale TV


As promised, my short story about plutocrats run amuck, The Yacht As Big As Manhattan, is now up at Tall Tale TV, both in podcast and print format. A big kudos to Chris Herron for a high quality, very professional presentation and reading. This got my Monday off to a terrific start. It’s […]

“The Yacht As Big As Manhattan” on Tall Tale TV Monday August 24

















Chris Herron, the entrepreneurial proprietor of Tall Tale TV, an SF and Fantasy podcast site, has been good enough to inform me he’ll read The Yacht As Big As Manhattan this upcoming Monday, August 24. Yacht is a […]