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Beware Of A Laughing Roman!

He probably wants to steal everything you have and make you his slave.

Film Review: “Hannibal”

Regular readers may have noticed that peplum or sword and sandal flicks are a favorite diversion from the misery of the human condition, along with martial arts movies and westerns, both the oater and spaghetti variety. Hannibal, supposedly a chronicle of the brilliant Carthaginian general’s campaign in ancient Italy, had some moments although it seemed […]

Film Review: “Revak The Rebel”

Ah, Jack Palance. He of the rugged build, deeply inset Slavic eyes, prognathous lantern jaw, silky baritone, and the sinister smile with more than a hint of madness. Usually cast as a heavy, especially after his breakthrough role as the casually murderous gunslinger in Shane, Palance actually displayed considerable range as a character actor during […]

Book Review: “Everything Is Combustible” by Richard Lloyd


Richard Lloyd’s most notable accomplishment was being one of the dual guitars in Television, arguably the first band to break big from the Noo Yawk Punk Rock scene in the mid ’70’s. I still think the two Television albums are really excellent guitar rock. Lloyd was indeed pivotal enough to help build the stage […]

Book Review: “Ben Hecht, The Man Behind The Legend”

Screenwriter Ben Hecht (1953)

William MacAdams, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 366 pp., 1990.

Ben Hecht was creative enough to hold down three full time writing careers, first as a reporter, coming up in the rough and tumble yellow journalism of turn of the 20th century Chicago where he met his great friend and collaborator, Charles […]

“The Mongol Kurgan” Now Out In Aphotic Realm

Now available online to read for free. Learn about the mysterious fate of a claustrophobic Red Army officer with PTSD who’s compelled to violate Chingiz Khan’s tomb:

The Mongol Kurgan by Mark Mellon


Ancient Greek Jockey

Ancient Greek Hoplite

Ancient Greek Stele

Zeus The Rain Gatherer

Blame me for your rainy day!