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April 29, 2017: Website updated and revised.

Review of Tim Willocks’s “The Twelve Children Of Paris”

The scorecard says it all. This is NOT for the faint of heart reader.


This is the goods. This is real, bonded stuff. Folks looking for a summer read, only one with hair on its chest will find it in The Twelve Children Of Paris, the second book in a trilogy. I read […]

How Much Is That Proton In The Window?

The One With The Free Radical.

“Last Of The Aztec Riders” Accepted By Hinnon Magazine

The disturbing Mr. Lovecraft in chiaroscuro.

My biker horror story, Last Of The Aztec Riders, has been accepted for publication by Hinnom Magazine. My sincere thanks to Editor/Publisher C. P. Dunphey for accepting the story. Last can be described as the kind of yarn an editor for Easy Riders magazine might have accepted back […]

Olmec Wheel Of Fate

Be Careful What Avatar You Land Upon!

Whether you know it or not, you’re already playing this game. And will again, over and over, in an endless cycle of ritual and blood.

Clock Flower

Also known as a chrysanthemumometer.

Sunshine Sunflower Deep Sea Green

Now it’s impossible for a sunflower to live underwater.

Watching the sunrise from the bottom of the deep blue sea. A sunflower that’s experienced.

New Website Update!

I salute my shiny new website.


Features a completely current bibliography plus more Mellon lit on the home page you can order with a single click:


Politely Polytheistic Paganism

He doesn’t want to make too much of a point about it. He’s already got two.

Burn a raw deer haunch (hide and all) on your backyard grill and maybe he’ll leave you alone. You never know with these Keltic types, though. Green of hue and wild in nature, forever borne where whimsy carries, […]

Hell Bent For Stardom: Barbara Stanwyck, Steel True

Determined to reach her goal despite terrible obstacles.

While I’ve always been a big Old Hollywood fan from my youth, it’s only comparatively recently that I’ve come to appreciate some of the real greats of the Silver Age. Two male actors who serve as good examples of that are Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy. […]

Altered Europa Interview

A votre service, mesdames et messieurs.

In connection with Altered Europa release, my interview with Martin T. Ingham, publisher of Martinus Press, in which I opine on writing and how miserable it is, Waterloo, wormholes, and how much I like kung fu flicks: