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June 20, 2021: Website updated and revised.

“Summer In Uummannaq” Now Out In The Chamber Magazine

John Cheever was an American writer most noted for his short stories, many of which appeared in the New Yorker. I bought his collected stories from a used book bin two years ago and read them through.

Cheever basically wrote the quintessential New Yorker short story, appearing a hundred times in the magazine from […]

Portrait of Melkart, the Tyrian Hercules

This portrait of the god Melkart, founder of the city of Tyre and syncretically identified by the Greeks with Herakles, is based on a marble bust of Mithridates VI now found in the Louvre. My current collaboration with the Phoenician powerhouse has resulted so far in one novel, a novella, a novelette, and eight […]

Border Incident Out Now In Spring ’21 Issue Of El Portal

El Portal is the literary journal of Eastern New Mexico University and one of the few remaining venues nowadays for Western fiction, although it also accepts general literary work. My short story, Border Incident, appears in the Spring 2021 issue, available online for free. Incident is based on a real occurrence in the life of […]

Book Review – The Perfume Burned His Eyes










(Louis sporting the bleached locks of the early ’70’s period the novel’s set in.)

The Perfume Burned His Eyes, Michael Imperioli, Akashic Press, 253 pp.

Michael Imperioli is a well known actor, having appeared in films and shows like Goodfellas, The Sopranos, and Law And […]

!Website Update!

To quote the late Hubert H. Humphrey, I’m pleased as punch to announce the latest update of my website, thanks once again to the inestimable skills of Fiona Jayde, webmistress extraordinaire. Check out the action on the home page with new, added links to twenty-one publications where my work can be purchased or read for […]

Satyr Head or Bring Me The Dead Of Jerry Garcia

This drawing turned out to inadvertently resemble the Grateful Dead’s late lead guitarist, hence the alternative title. Another attempt at a three-quarters view, I’m not completely dissatisfied with the result, just mostly. For purposes of comparison, just so you can ascertain exactly what a cruddy artist I am, the picture that I used as a […]

The “Genius” That Was Stan Lee: Book Review

True Believer, The Rise And Fall Of Stan Lee, Abraham Reisman, 335 pp., Crown Publishing.

When I was a boy, Marvel comics reigned supreme. Stan Lee was a familiar friend. The snappy dialog, the upbeat attitude, and most of all the amazing characters like Fantastic Four, Spiderman, and Dr. Strange, made an indelible impression. Over […]

Lashed To A Mast, Maddened By Unearthly Voices

And the colours of the sea Bind your eyes with trembling mermaids And you touch the distant beaches With tales of brave Ulysses How his naked ears were tortured By the sirens sweetly singing For the sparkling waves are calling you To kiss their white laced lips

Hat tip to Messrs. E. Clapton, G. […]

Heron Signet Ring

The model for the drawing was a photograph of a flying heron on a chalcedony gem signed by the artist, Dexamenos of Chios. Let’s say 450 BCE when the ring was made, so it’s at least 2,400 years old. It’s not apparent from my effort, but the heron on the ring is depicted in […]

“Aphrodite’s Cleft” Now Out In Cauldron Anthology

Cauldron Anthology is “a magazine of the wild feminine.” Issue no. 12’s theme is Whore and explores the word through the mythology of The Whore of Babylon, Salome and Aphrodite. The issue features art, poetry, and prose, to include my short story Aphrodite’s Cleft, the second published story featuring McCrae Spenser, a doughty, young Scots […]