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Book Review: “The King Of Warsaw”

Szczepan Twardoch, translated by Sean Gasper Bye, 379 pp., Amazon Crossing.

This is an excellent, hardboiled crime novel that also functions as a work of serious literature. An account of Jakub Szapiro, a notorious boxer/enforcer in late ’30’s Warsaw, as viewed by his protegĂ©, Moyshe Bernsztajn, at least ostensibly at the beginning, King starts tough […]

Recensione Cinematografica: “Toto E Cleopatra”


















This is the first Toto movie I’ve seen. It’s a good way to get acquainted with this extremely droll buffoon, one of the most popular characters in Italian film. A parody of the contemporary Hollywood […]

Documentary Review: “Tread”

Can you imagine having this beast bear down on you?

This is an interesting documentary about a truly bizarre incident that occurred in 2004 in a small town in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Marvin Heemayer, a middle aged businessman with a grudge against Granby and its principal citizens, went on a two hour rampage. […]

Film Review: “Capone”

I don’t see the point of this film other than as a cautionary tale on the miseries of syphilis, a message put across more effectively by those public safety shorts made back in the 30’s and into the 60’s.

A reflection on the last year of America’s most notorious hoodlum, this film generated zero dramatic […]

Film Review: “The Homesman”

Although a beautiful, finely made film, this is also the saddest Western I’ve ever seen, tragic to the point of heartbreak. This makes sense since it takes an unflinching look at the real frontier experience and is definitely not some Hollywood fantasy. Three women in mid-19th Century Nebraska go mad from the strain of living […]

Film Review: “The Keeping Room”

This film basically takes the incident from Gone With The Wind where Scarlett shoots a Union soldier and Melly helps her hide the body and fleshes it out into a full length film described as a revisionist Western, but it strikes me as more accurately characterized as a horror movie with a naturalistic, Civil War […]

Film Review: “The Tracker”

This is a hardboiled, downright brutal at times, Australian “Western” along the lines of The Proposition, but with a more stripped down plot and a deeper focus on the nation-continent’s racism, specifically white persecution of aboriginals.

Set in 1922, the film puts you in the middle of things from the start: three white policeman in […]

Film Review: “Django, Kill… If You Live, Shoot!”


































The late, great George “Gabby” Hayes, King of the Old Hollywood western sidekicks, once gave his opinion of the genre. “I […]

Book Review: “The Rise And Fall Of Charles Lindbergh”

I’ve come across some bizarre characters in biographies, particularly American bios for some reason. We may not be exceptional in other ways, but we sure lead the pack in producing notable head cases. Two salient examples are Howard Hughes and L. Ron Hubbard.

Yet of all the oddballs I’ve encountered, Charles Lindbergh is one of […]

“Trick Roller” Out Soon In Coffin Bell Journal


















Trick Roller, my hardboiled crime/horror short story about a Las Vegas whore who drugs her johns and then robs them, has been accepted for publication by Coffin Bell Journal, a journal of dark literature that goes beyond […]