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Le Roi OK

L’Etat, C’est Quelqu’un D’Autre Gars!









“Cackle Bladder” Now Out In Thriller Issue 2































Set in South Florida during the 1920’s land boom, Cackle Bladder is about the only time I’ve managed to write a story with a […]

The Laziest Man In Rock’N’Roll

Fall, 1977. I’m in my last year at the University of Virginia. I go to Back Alley Disc, the hot (hah, the only) record store in Charlottesville where I buy the Dead Boys and the Talking Heads’ first albums. While one guy is ringing me up behind the counter, another walks up holding a promo […]

Tudor Rose

Not a Tiger Rose. Nor a Prairie Rose. And I’m not talking about a Yankee Rose. Just your typical ye olde Tudor Rose.

Yellow Aubrey Beardsley


Not yellow as in chicken. Yellow as in book. You dig?

Magazine Review: Night Picnic Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 2

Russian literature has a strong interest for me. This is due to my background as a Russian linguist in the military several decades ago, but also a result of reading writers like Dostoevsky (in translation, natch) even before I studied the language. One aspect of Russian writing I particularly enjoy is the penchant for the […]

“An Etruscan Tomb” Out In Tigershark Magazine

Tigershark Magazine is an online speculative fiction magazine released in PDF format on a quarterly basis by Tigershark Publishing, the e-publishing venture of D. S. Davidson, author, poet, and previously editor of the first eighteen issues of Garbaj magazine. Established in 2013, Tigershark has already had a long, sturdy run for a small press venture. […]

“Woe, Babylon Besieged” Lead Story In Lovecraftiana, Walpurgisnacht 2019 Issue


As mentioned in previous posts, this Lovecraft pastiche originally appeared in 2018 in the Danish extreme horror magazine Trigger Warnings. Despite the general prejudice against reprints, the editor at Lovecraftiana, The Magazine Of Eldritch Horror, thought well enough of the yarn to accept and print it as the lead story for the 2019 […]

Sincerely, Cardinal Sin

Just another bird of bill omen.

Sham Szukalski Study

This is what comes from beholding the Protong for too long. You find yourself gone, around the bend, just like the strident Slavic sculptor Stanislaw Szukalski. Seriously, the guy was mad as a hatter, but a genuinely brilliant artist. Anyone interested should check out and then buy the two books about the artist now […]