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“Woe, Babylon Besieged” Lead Story In Lovecraftiana, Walpurgisnacht 2019 Issue


As mentioned in previous posts, this Lovecraft pastiche originally appeared in 2018 in the Danish extreme horror magazine Trigger Warnings. Despite the general prejudice against reprints, the editor at Lovecraftiana, The Magazine Of Eldritch Horror, thought well enough of the yarn to accept and print it as the lead story for the 2019 […]

Sincerely, Cardinal Sin

Just another bird of bill omen.

Sham Szukalski Study

This is what comes from beholding the Protong for too long. You find yourself gone, around the bend, just like the strident Slavic sculptor Stanislaw Szukalski. Seriously, the guy was mad as a hatter, but a genuinely brilliant artist. Anyone interested should check out and then buy the two books about the artist now […]

Bust Of Mr. Jaundiced


Ho hum. Been there, done that. Don’t bother to ask his opinion; he’ll only yawn and stare at you. Just a nasty, petty jade.

“Sea Jackals Of Dubai” Now Out: Into The Ruins Issue No. 13, Summer 2019



The previously discussed, long anticipated, lucky 13th issue of Into the Ruins is now out. This Summer 2019 issue comes as a 7″ x 10″ book packed with 106 pages of stories of a deindustrial future, an Editor’s Introduction, a letters to the editor section, and an essay by Karl North. Veering […]

Review: Soulless, The Case Against R. Kelly

I swear I have no idea what this guy sounds like.

Soulless, The Case Against R. Kelly, Jim DeRogatis, Abrams Press, 307 pp.

I’m mostly familiar with the author from his biography of Lester Bangs (my favorite rock critic in Creem back in the ’70’s) and other writing about rock’n’roll. Let me confess that, […]

Lino the Lizard Loan Shark


(Please note the pinkie ring.) LINO: “I’m telling you, it’s not the money, it’s the principle of the thing.” TONY: “Do you believe this reptile?” PAULIE: “Now hold on, T. Maybe Lino’s got a point there.”

The Hickoids At The Black Cat, 04 AUG



































The only reason I heard tell about these jaspers playing was the fact Sean Epstein hipped me to the upcoming […]

Lost To The West – A Lively, Readable Account of Byzantine History

Lars Brownworth, 304 pp., Three Rivers Press.

My interest in the Byzantine Empire was piqued by the 11th Century chronicles of Michael Psellus (see the review in a previous post), so I ordered this relatively short, recent history of the Empire’s history from the founding of Constantinople by the eponymous Illyrian badass and ardent Christian […]

Alexander the Great as Zeus-Ammon



























At the Oasis of Siwa, after a dangerous trek across the desert that almost killed him and his entourage, it was revealed unto Alexander by the high priest […]