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Review: Soulless, The Case Against R. Kelly

I swear I have no idea what this guy sounds like.

Soulless, The Case Against R. Kelly, Jim DeRogatis, Abrams Press, 307 pp.

I’m mostly familiar with the author from his biography of Lester Bangs (my favorite rock critic in Creem back in the ’70’s) and other writing about rock’n’roll. Let me confess that, […]

Lino the Lizard Loan Shark


(Please note the pinkie ring.) LINO: “I’m telling you, it’s not the money, it’s the principle of the thing.” TONY: “Do you believe this reptile?” PAULIE: “Now hold on, T. Maybe Lino’s got a point there.”

The Hickoids At The Black Cat, 04 AUG



































The only reason I heard tell about these jaspers playing was the fact Sean Epstein hipped me to the upcoming […]

Lost To The West – A Lively, Readable Account of Byzantine History

Lars Brownworth, 304 pp., Three Rivers Press.

My interest in the Byzantine Empire was piqued by the 11th Century chronicles of Michael Psellus (see the review in a previous post), so I ordered this relatively short, recent history of the Empire’s history from the founding of Constantinople by the eponymous Illyrian badass and ardent Christian […]

Alexander the Great as Zeus-Ammon



























At the Oasis of Siwa, after a dangerous trek across the desert that almost killed him and his entourage, it was revealed unto Alexander by the high priest […]

Carl Panzram Portrait
































I watched a documentary about Panzram last night and that inspired me to draw this today. Something about being trapped in a windowless […]

Ring A Ding Ding Visigoth Style

In those pre-mass communication days without so much as even a radio or TV, much less the Internet, you had to make your own fun. And on that fateful August day in 410 CE, Al and his fellow Visigoth pals had themselves a stone gas! Nothing like putting the world’s capital to the sack […]

Album Review: “Sympathy For The Beast” – Twink & The Technicolor Dream




















This is a good psychedelic rock album with an appropriately bizarre, excellent cover by artist Kim Deitch. Twink is a semi-famous rock drummer who has provided percussion for underground ’70’s bands like the Deviants (in […]

Only The Japanese Can Do A Decent Godzilla Movie

















Godzilla, King Of The Monsters stinks and is an almost complete waste of time. I went to this flick thinking, “at least it can’t be as bad as Godzilla in 2014,” and I was totally wrong. It stank […]

The Iron Creed Of The Roman Army