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Blue Skies Smiling At Me





































Sol Barbatus Rufus (Red Bearded Sun). A surprisingly optimistic solar orb. Wishing everyone Salutem, Bona Fortuna, and Dis […]

Movie Review – “Men Of Corleone”

Three Criminal Sons Of Bitches

I saw this film on Amazon Prime and was surprised to learn afterward that no reviews were to be found online (at least in English). This is a good, hardboiled crime film with the added advantage of being based on real events. Add an effective score by a great […]

De Chirico Degraded Yet Again By Yours Truly


With the most sincere apologies to Giorgio De Chirico and the Arch of Constantine. Anybody who can figure out the Latin inscription and gets back to me with the translation wins a prize: a genuine olive leaf victor’s wreath. PS: I fortuitously trimmed this piece so it fit exactly on the scanner platen. […]

In Which I Improve Upon De Chirico (Not Really)

Nothing like stealing a great master’s thunder to pep up your own pedestrian work. Here we have an almost empty, post-industrial, modern Italian landscape where a fictitious triumphal column rudely thrusts itself into the picture, a lurid reminder of an antiquity that never existed in the first place. There’s about an inch cropped off the […]

Into The Ruins Cover Preview

This is the cover for the upcoming Summer 2019, issue no. 13 of Into The Ruins, featuring a story by your less than humble author:



Is the bird clutching a snake or an entrail? Quien sabe? […]

Tribute To Dashiell Hammett

I was in Arlington Cemetery today and I visited the grave of Dashiell Hammett, the father of the hardboiled style in The Maltese Falcon and other works. Despite being blacklisted, branded as a Red, and sent to prison for refusing to rat anyone out in the ’50’s, Hammett still rated burial in the nation’s foremost […]

Someday, Son, This Owl Will Be Yours

I hope this is cryptic enough for everyone’s taste.

You Can’t Miss Him Even In The Dark

Striped Man On A Dark Night

Sea Jackals Of Dubai Accepted By Into The Ruins Magazine

Sea Jackals Of Dubai is a post-apocalyptic short story about brave men who sail from a now tropical Antarctica in a frail boat powered by a crude methane engine on an incredibly long voyage to plunder the ruins of a desolate Persian Gulf. Into The Ruins is a deindustrial SF quarterly focused on publishing […]

By Way Of Explanation

Regular readers may perhaps wonder why there’s been a sudden outpouring of quasi-Hellenic art from this blog. I should have made it plain early on that I’ve returned from a very nice trip to Rome and Naples where we saw a great deal of antiquities, to include Pompeii. I guess my surroundings inspired me:

Here’s […]