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April 29, 2017: Website updated and revised.

Bad News: “The Track” Withdrawn From Dark Passages Publishing

It turns out that the guy at the end of the tunnel was giving me the finger the whole time.





























Longtime readers of the blog may […]

Just Another Dull Day In Downtown Ancient Sparta

The big hair indicates how ancient he is and keeps his massive brain warm. Ditto the spiny beard.



























Lycurgus is the (probably mythical) founder of the ancient Spartan […]

“Melkart The Herdsman” Now Out In Mythaxis No. 21!

This isn’t the magazine illustration, but I think it also captures the story’s atmosphere.













Issue No. 21 of Mythaxis is now out, officially dated February 18, 2018. To quote Editor Gil Williamson, this is the longest issue of Mythaxis ever with my […]

Doug Allen “Steven” Tribute

I think this captures the spirit, but that’s about it. I still can’t draw.

Doug Allen is a cartoonist who did the Steven comics from the late ’70’s well into the ’90’s for various alternative newspapers (pre-Internet when they still a thing). They were collected and put out as comic books by Kitchen […]

“A Gallant Southern Cavalier” Published By Historical Feathers

“Stop dragging my good name through the mud, you damn Yankee trash!”































My fictitious account of the decidedly ignominious death of Earl […]

“Woe, Babylon Besieged” Published By Extreme Horror Mag Trigger Warnings

Artist: John Martin



















My H. P. Lovecraft pastiche, Woe, Babylon Besieged, is now online at Trigger Warnings, an extreme horror magazine published in Denmark that bills itself as “the lit mag that doesn’t give a shit […]

Mother’s Revenge Anthology Makes Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot

This comes under the heading of climate fiction.

I previously mentioned the publication by Scary Dairy Press of Mother’s Revenge, an anthology of post-apocalyptic fiction that featured my story, Annals Of The Allred Clan, among others. Scary Dairy’s publisher, Cin Ferguson, has just informed me that Mother’s Revenge is on the preliminary ballot for […]


Alternative Title: “Column Envy”

“A Gallant Southern Cavalier” Appears 25 JAN in Historical Feathers

The old horny jackass rides again.

Followers of the blog may recall that I wrote a still unpublished novel, The Confessions Of Septimus P. Nasby, about the Civil War experiences of a sociopath career criminal. An excerpt from that novel, A Gallant Southern Cavalier, will appear as a short story in the January 2018 […]

“The Mustanger” To Be Read at February ASU Elmer Kelton Conference

I had the pleasure of personally meeting Elmer Kelton at the ’08 WWA Conference.


After a long absence from this blog due to technical difficulties, I’m up and posting again with some very good news to announce. I’ve been invited to read my short story, The Mustanger, at the 22nd Annual Angelo State […]