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“Two Friars Came To Montestregae” Now Out In Dark Fire Fiction

































Attentive readers may recall my last entry celebrated finishing a new novel, City Of Witches. Lo and behold, this must have generated some good karma. Two Friars Came To Montestregae has apppeared in Dark Fire Fiction, a British online horror magazine. Two Friars is the first chapter of City adopted to short story form.  This is an encouraging sign and hopefully augurs well for finding an agent for the novel, once the rewrite’s done. Of course, the rewrite in itself is a major hurdle, but nowhere near as bad as getting that first draft down. Dark Fire is a fine publishing credit. I’m especially pleased by this since it’s in the UK where I’ve had some luck getting several stories placed there over the years. Thanks once more to Editors Karonda Barker and Dr. Jones for accepting the story.

It’s free to read and too short to claim TL;DR so you have absolutely no excuse not to click the link and find out what happens to a randy monk who sticks his junk where it doesn’t belong:

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