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“Melkart In The City Of The Dead” Out Now In Swords And Sorcery Magazine

S&S Cover

Sword and sandal fans rejoice! The June 2020 issue of Swords And Sorcery Magazine is now out, featuring my story Melkart In The City Of The Dead.  This is the second published tale to feature the exploits of the Phoenician powerhouse. The first, Melkart The Herdsman, appeared in Mythaxis, a UK magazine, in 2018. A third story, Melkart The Castaway, will appear later this year in Cirsova, Magazine Of Thrilling Adventure And Daring Suspense, In City, Melkart voyages to mysterious Khemi and the city of Inbu-Hedj, where the dead are more welcome than the living, on a dangerous quest to save his master, Abibaal, Lord of Tyre, from a maleficent curse and a doomed afterlife. Learn more and read for free by clicking the first link below:

Melkart In The City Of The Dead:

Melkart The Herdsman:

Cirsova Magazine




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