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Melkart The Castaway Now Out In Cirsova Magazine

CirsovaThe latest tale of Melkart, the mighty Phoenician, is now available for discerning sword and sandal fans in the Fall 2020 issue of Cirsova, the magazine of thrilling adventure and daring suspense, the third publication to feature the redoubtable Semite’s adventures, this time as the lead story.

Read in spellbound awe how Melkart, shipwrecked on a mysterious island by an evil sorceror, fights back with brain and brawn against the bellowing Minotaur; Talos, a giant bronze robot; armored Spartans; and, most dangerous of all, a giant triton summoned from the sea by an enchanted ring.

Melkart The Castaway has already garnered two reviews. Both, I’m pleased to say, got exactly where I was coming from:

“[T]he first use of “Wine-dark sea”, uttered just before the introduction of the Greek setting and characters, was a masterful touch, informing the reader of what is to come with subtlety and cleverness. And the old stories inform this one, as Melkart must face off against a Minotaur for his life. For a story filled with what the Classical Greeks would treat as demigods, Mellon takes a more naturalistic approach. Monsters do exist, but the power of those who bear the name of gods is in strength, sinew, and craft.” – Nathan, Castalia House.

“Reading this story is like watching one of the many sword-and-sandal movies of the 1960s. Like those enjoyably campy films, the plot is episodic. The muscular hero overcomes his many foes with seeming ease. It is best enjoyed as light entertainment, with Good and Evil presented in simple terms.” – Victoria Silverwolf, Tangent Online.

Face it, true believers! Miss this one and you miss it all! Or to put in Marvel Comics speak:  “‘Nuff said.”


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