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Head Of Mithras

Mithras Head179The model for this drawing was a photograph of a head from a statue of Mithras the sun god, found in a Roman mithraeum, an underground shrine where the initiated members of the esoteric order made sacrifices and ritually feasted in worship of their deity. Originating from Persia and associated with Zoroastrianism, Mithras had significant connections to Hellenic deities as his cult was practiced in the Roman Empire, being closely linked to Sol Invictus, Selene, goddess of the moon, and the figures of the zodiac. Perceived as a rival to Christianity, the worship of Mithras was banned along with other pagan cults and died out as an active faith in the 5th Century CE. This drawing departs somewhat from my usual subject matter, but still fits closely with the general theme of antiquity. While I tried to copy the idol’s head, he came out looking like Marc Bolan. Like the ancient song said, Who needs TV when I got T Rex?

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