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Head Of Hermes

Hermes156Like the previous portrait of Bacchus, he’s accompanied by his cult items, a caduceus, rooster, and in this case, twin tortoises.

The Assistant Wine Pourers

Wine Pourers155Who knows? Maybe one day one will be elevated to chief wine pourer and allowed to wear a loincloth due to the dignity of his office.

Mirror With Aphrodite Handle


Female Lyre Player

Lyre Player153

Playing that hymn to Apollo sweet and low

Double Handled Green Vase With Eros Figure

Green Vase152

The Peltast


Head Of Bacchus


The thrice born, the God that comes, also hailed as Zagreus, Sabazius, Liber, and Dionysus, the outsider, the wanderer, feared and suspected wherever he roams, the center of mystery, preaching divine ecstasy through heightened senses, ripped apart by Titans only to surge again from the earth whole again like Osiris, like wheat sprung from a fecund field, like plump, crimson grapes that hang from a curling vine.

Heracles Battles The Nemean Lion


Corinthian Pilaster Capital


Oil Lamp

Oil Lamp147