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Hinnom Magazine Interview Now Up

Nobody's sneaking up on me!

               Nobody’s sneaking up on me!

In connection with the release of Hinnom 002, C. P. Dunphey, publisher/editor-in-chief of Hinnom Magazine and Gehenna & Hinnom Publishers, has just posted an author interview with yours truly, Johnny Guitar! (Just kidding.) Among other topics, why I write, what inspired me to write Last Of The Aztec Riders, the story appearing in issue 002, writers I admire, and how I basically view life itself as a horror story. Please click the link below to learn more:


“Last Of The Aztec Riders” Now Out In Gehenna & Hinnon 002

Ah, another visit from the decidedly unpleasant Mr. Lovecraft.

                                                                               Ah, another visit from the decidedly unpleasant Mr. Lovecraft.


My biker horror story, Last Of The Aztec Riders, is out now in issue no. 002 of Gehenna & Hinnom Magazine. This story originally appeared in Deadman’s Tome. Many thanks to G&H editor C. P. Dunphey who was kind enough to accept LOAR and has been extremely supportive and friendly through the whole process, enough to even do a Q&A interview with me. That should appear shortly. I’ll shamelessly plug that too when it’s online.

A gentle warning to my more genteel readers: LOAR can be characterized as extreme horror. To put it bluntly, the story’s replete with blood and guts, cruelty, and a misanthropic view of life. A word to the wise, as the brother, that all knowing fellow from Dublin, would be saying if he were here and not laid under the old sod, lo, these many decades, but don’t be calling him a sod, you hear, for the brother won’t stand for any incorrect talk, not even six feet under.

For those who think they have the necessary intestinal fortitude, G&H 002 additionally features other stories, an interview, and an introduction from the editor. The table of contents is set forth below, along with a link to the website at the bottom. So, if you’ve got a strong constitution, go ahead and click the link:

Celebrating the Unknown: Introduction by C.P. Dunphey

Enquiries from the Abyss: Interview with Dark Fiction Author T.E. Grau


“Godmouth” by P.L. McMillan (Featured Story)

“Black Dog” by Max D. Stanton

“Death Carriage” by Matthew Penwell

“A Little Dead Thing” by John S. McFarland

“Vessel” by Ibai Canales

“Dry Bones” by Charles D. Shell

“The Nocturne of Manigault” by Joanna Costello

“Nothing but Dans, All the Way Down” by Konstantine Paradias

“The Power of Hate” by Hugh McStay

“Spidering Down an Alley” by Jeff Johnson


HINNOM MAGAZINE 002 Cover Reveal and Table of Contents

Tholos Beautiful Girl In The World

Hours of work just to make a bad, bilingual pun nobody will either understand or appreciate.

Hours of work just to make a bad, bilingual pun nobody either understands or appreciates.


The Hierophant:  Speak but a few of her names, disciple.

The Disciple: Yea, Master. She is called Aphrodite, Ishtar, Astarte, Isis, Mary, Big Mama, Kali, Mother Courage, Angie Dickinson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Madame Curie, Moms Mabley, Chicago Lil, Mae West, Barbara Stanwyck, ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Molly Bloom (yes, yes, and then again yes, and yes), the Wicked Witch of the West, Typhoid Mary, Bloody Mary (cocktail and monarch), Lizzie Borden, Mrs. O’Leary and her cow, Frida Kahlo, Remedios Varo, and Jane Austen, Lola Montez, Carrie Nation, Anastasia and Lucy the Australopithecus, the whole gynecological spectrum from the most aged crone to the newest tot fresh pulled from the womb, the Eternal Feminine.

The Hierophant: And thus shall it ever be. Close the temple portals.


Columns To The Left Of Them, Columns To The Right

On Rode The 300 Spartans

On Rode The 300 Spartans

The Sacrum Out Of Space

"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming..."

“In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming…”

Late one stormy night, while I solaced my troubles with grain alcohol, perched in my ivory tower, I thought to quiet my raging mind with some harmless Hellenistic architectural draftsmanship. Hardly had I put quill to paper before I felt an inhuman intelligence seize my right hand and compel me to scrawl against my will. Visions of strange landscapes filled my brain unlike any to be seen on this earthly sphere, planes without surfaces, an alien geometry embodied in rules no human mind could decipher, bizarre pyramids and inverted ziggurats devoted to the worship of foreign gods exiled to the furthest reaches of outer space multitudes of millions of eons before man’s fishy ancestors struggled out of a lukewarm sea onto the hot, stinking sand. And the mind made me draw that horror.

Or is it just that I still can’t draw worth beans?  You decide!

“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.”  Or, have a nice day.


I had absolutely nothing to do with this.

I had absolutely nothing to do with this.


The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society:

Yellow Sky Sun God Sacrifice

If you're curious, the Latin translates to "If you can read this, you're too close."

                                If you’re curious, the Latin translates to “If you can read this, you’re too close.”


Yellow has always been one of my favorite colors. I’m told it drives many people nuts. Chacun a son gout. Let’s just say, even though it’s still really early in the year, that I wish everyone a Hairy Mithras.

Review: “News Of The World” by Paulette Jiles

In News Of The World, Captain Kidd, an elderly ex-printer, ekes out a living in 1870 Texas by drifting along the frontier on horseback from tiny town to tiny town, where he gives readings from newspapers of current events to the unlettered and curious for a dime apiece. Kidd is a wonderful character, believable and realistic even with his colorful and distinctive past. He’s an interesting combination of failings and strengths, ornery, well preserved for his time and day although aware of his growing weakness, with a natural authority derived from his age, strong voice, and strength of personality.

A Kiowa captive, Johanna, enters Kidd’s rather aimless life, rescued from captivity for a few blankets, but still completely acculturated in Native ways and utterly resistant to returning to what remains of her German family, her parents having been massacred in a raid. Given the princely sum of fifty dollars in gold (an almost unimaginable amount in those cash starved times), Kidd reluctantly agrees to convey Johanna back to her family in the Texas Hill Country. Their odyssey over rough,  bandit haunted roads is fascinating. Jiles skillfully allows the rapport to slowly build up between Kidd and Johanna. As they develop a close, familial bond through many misadventures and moments of extreme danger, the reader comes to empathize deeply with them and care about their fates. I freely admit I was reluctant to finish the book for fear they would come to a bad, unhappy end. I won’t spoil anything for anyone, but I found the novel’s conclusion  very satisfying emotionally and literarily.

This is not just that rare, modern thing, a good Western; it’s also a beautiful novel purely in terms of form. Jiles writes like a dream. With great economy, she evokes Texas shortly after the Civil War, with its poverty, violence, racism, and most of all the stark juxtaposition between encroaching Anglo civilization and the still vast, savage frontier. News seems to be a big success, both critically and commercially. The book deserves all of it. A film will probably be made based on the book’s success.  Captain Kidd seems to have been written specifically with Jeff Bridges in mind and this is the sort of part he could play in his sleep. I hope the film is a big success and leads to a Western movie renaissance, but wretched old fools like me always hope for things like that. I recommend this book to anyone interested in Westerns, Texas history, but most of all to anyone who enjoys a fine, heartfelt story about two wonderful people and their love for each other in a strange, exotic land during a desperate, evil time.

G-R Arch 101

And Not A Damned Straight Line In The Bunch

And Not A Damned Straight Line In The Bunch.

Chac Mool? Check Mate!

Put the board and the pieces on the belly, Mister. That and a C-note gets you a game.

Put the board and the pieces on the belly, Mister. That and a C-note gets you a game.


He may be watery on some subjects, but he can still pin your queen in nine moves or less.

Ionized Inverted Ionic Imperium

This guy's a real go-getter, a regular ball of fire.

This guy’s a real go-getter, a regular ball of fire.